Remco is a professional contracting company, executing high quality and expertise services related to Testing & Commissioning of Substations, Power Stations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting services for the electrical industry. We have the expertise’s and latest equipment’s for complete site testing and commissioning of High Voltage (HV), Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) systems. Our dedicated teams of qualified Engineers and Technicians have vast knowledge and experience to execute professional services.

Our Vision

To provide a wide range of services to Utility Substations, Power Plants and Industrial Substations. The system performance and sequence of operations are proven and documented with approved test procedures. Remco aims to assist its clients in maintaining their equipment at optimal...

Our Mission

Strive to contribute to create the future to increase confidence in the local efforts and productivity in addition to achieve the customers aspirations and to meet their needs through delivering our values we aim to be your preferred partner for sustainable electrical services.

Our Team:

Our Clients: